Cream Cheese

by Orgasmo de Porco and Lo-Fi

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Cream Cheese is a split with the bands Orgasmo de Porco and Lo-Fi.


released March 1, 2011

Recorded in Caverna Studios, São José dos Campos - São Paulo, Brazil

All songs by O.D.P. and Lo-Fi.

O.D.P. is:

Caverna - Screams
Paulinho - Guitar
Decia - Bass
Lobo - Drums

Lo-Fi is:

Rogério - Bass/Vocals
Thiago - Guitar/Vocals
Marcelo - Drums




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Orgasmo de Porco São José Dos Campos, Brazil

OxDxPx é uma banda barulhenta de roque veloz que habita o esgoto desde 2009. Não alcançam a geladeira e tocam o inferno com muito líquido cáustico nuclear.

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Track Name: Unleash Hell, Boys

A lots of beer, hot as hell
Jump on the party, you must get this smell
They mosh like maniacs with flying kicks
You don´t have a life if you´re out of the pit

I´ll go tell my mamma, I ain´t go back to school
I don´t wanna be treat like common fool
So I start to live my days setting society on fire
Screaming to my friends, unleash hell, boys

If you´re not ready, you better be fast
You gonna be cursed by the name of the thrash

Flying kicks
Bad smell
On my signal
Unleash hell
Track Name: I Can't Reach the Freezer

I´ll never surrender
For me the night is not over
It´s 3 am
Things are not the same
Can´t move my legs
I just pissed my paints
Lying on the floor
I need one more

I can´t reach the freezer
I must have the last one
I can´t reach the freezer
I must have the last one

I´m a hopeless punk
No intentions to think
How could I live tomorrow
Without this last drink?

If I can make it
It´s gonna be shotgun

I can´t reach the freezer
I must have the last one
I can´t reach the freezer
I must have the last one
Track Name: Nuclear Caustic Liquid

Beer Beer, thats all I need
the beer is my hand and is ready do drink
beer is all I need
beer is all I love
if you don't understand
go fuck an ugly whore

crack the bones, damage your brain
the beer is the fuckin' beautiful thing

beer beer, thats all I need
disturbing your neighbors
beer was made for me
Track Name: Lo-Fi - Paddling to downhill surfing
Paddling to downhill surfing

I was ridding across the streets one day and I found a jet-ski shop
In a moment of curiosity I came in to ask about their business
The information I got was that every surfer in town has one of this
For a moment I realized, is that for town in surfing?

So I set this shop on fire
Lesson learned for those who suck
Get back to the basis
Because for them I don´t give a fuck
I´ll tell you what to do
If you want something new
Throw your boards and suits away
And get back to school
Track Name: Lo-Fi - I got a girl
I got a girl
Alright, tonight I got a girl, I got a date
I´ll put my new Tee Thrasher on, I can be late
I´ll give you all these thing you dream about
And I´ll promise you always be around
This is no love song
Because tomorrow there´ll be no date
That´s fine for me
Another reason to get wasted
Now, babe, don´t need to bring condoms
I have a human reproductive dysfunction
And by the way, before you throw your dress away
I'll be already cum in my pants
Track Name: Lo-Fi - Reason to live
Reason to live

A reason to live above all the things
What once was missed, now it´s back
In the past you´ve got a reason to start
And in the future a reason to live

The boys are back, not just in town
The sound they have spread all around
Soon your kids will be aware
Each one got to have their share

Society tries to make us fool
The system lost all its rules
And the world it´s not the same
Now you will play the role of lame

A reason to live you don´t have it
Just kill yourself and save my planet
Pack your things and say goodbye
Tell your friends you will die