by Orgasmo de Porco

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No time boy - Guitars · No money boy (not any more) - Drums · No ugly boy - Bass · Useless fat boy - Screams

Backing Vocals - All of us
Cover art by Artshell
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Oversonic Studio by Vagner Alba

Produced by Orgasmo de Porco

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released November 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Orgasmo de Porco São José Dos Campos, Brazil

OxDxPx é uma banda barulhenta de roque veloz que habita o esgoto desde 2009. Não alcançam a geladeira e tocam o inferno com muito líquido cáustico nuclear.

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Track Name: Useless Fat Boy
Worthless fat and ugly boy
useless lazy dumbass
he is my hope killer
my anchor to doom

Track Name: Bad Taste Industries
Producing shit
producing trash
producing whores
producing sex
producing beer
producing fun
producing noise
producing madness
no day off from sunday to sunday
my factory way of life
no payment no vacation
tpm and 5s are not included here
it's slave work
Track Name: Milk Shake Cheese Salad
Burger King
Mc Donald's
Pizza Hutt
Track Name: Feed the Machine
Destined to serve the machine
my fate is to rot in the gears of life
caged in lungs of machinery
my screams no one can hear
they're dead and I am goin mad
it sucks my life desires what do you expect from me?
I'm not all I can be.
all I have left is to sabotage the plan
feed my own
feed my dream
feed my life
not the machine
Track Name: Smoke Your Reality
Until the entire world penetrate you,
wasted time vomiting the truth, you can't deny
that you allways have been a loser.
Lost your mind in the road of the blind.
was not what you wanted
an escape for pleasure, you are dissoluing in a rest of shit
anyway you forgot who you used to be
Track Name: No Time
No time on my life
in my head i don't know
how can it be
hurry faster
time never stops never
wait for me, can I get there?
I must get there!
guess i'm crushed! Have
No time
Track Name: Fat Fuck
Stuck at home and nothing to do
what comes in mind is only food
i don't give a fuck about healthy shit
just wasting my body with greasy and sweet
diet stuff are never the same. Just pass me the sugar
I'll take the blame. Don't waste my time whit salad and grains
toss me the meat and I'll find my own ways
I get fatter everyday, and that's a relief.
I don't wanna be skinny, cause that aint me.
fuck diseases fuck everyone
let me be fat, cause that's all I want.
delivery food is so much fun
don't even gotta get out of my home
I don't get in line, I just get online
well, I'm level 99 on a roleplaying game
Track Name: To The End of The Last Beer In The Final Night
Traveling space as a kthulhu's wing
alien immersed in blood
drunken beast aimlessly through space
smashng everything in his path
until the end of the last beer this monster will attack
until the end of the final night with the power of thrash he will reign
eater of worlds seeking the last beer of the galaxy
circlepit blackhole breaking everything in its path
shaking his head vioently against the ground
drinking the last drop of a drink called BEER